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We have 76sqm of open space with 5 x 5 meters of padded flooring. You can wrestle individual or tag team. Tag team can be erotic or strength sessions with two or all of our staff where everyone grapples either in a round robin or takes turns in wrestling you. You will be tired and sore but the thrill of victory and/or defeat will overshadow the physical pain!

Situated 10 minutes from Sydney’s International Airport, 20 minutes from the CBD and 5 minutes walk from Newtown train station.

Fantasy wrestling (WWF) Role playing where you are overpowered by a goddess and its worked into a more detailed scenario.

Erotic wrestling Where you resist but allow to be put into holds like grapevine, scissor holds, arm bars, figure four, head scissors, breast smothers… Lots of smothering.

Strength wrestling You are genuinely sparring but you are submissive and cannot force the wrestler to submit using holds.

Submission wrestling Full bore sparring until one person taps out.

Over an hour session there are plenty of breaks for water and chat.

Wrestlers require at least 24 hours notice for bookings.

Do I have to know how to wrestle?
Absolutely not. We can show you a few moves in a more relaxed style situation or you can completely submit and let our wrestlers have fun with you. If you DO know how to wrestle and have any sort of martial background you must tell the lady before she accepts the session.

Is it dangerous?
We use the “tap out” system when doing submission sessions as well as the safeword “mercy”. All parties are encouraged to tap out before they hit their hard limits to avoid injury. There is no throwing, KO’s or choke holds unless prior negotiation. Safety comes first and boundaries must be strictly adhered to.

What is fantasy wrestling?
Fantasy wrestling is scripted or WWF style. Its all pack and no punch! If you’d like to take on Cat Woman as Super Man it can be arranged. This style is less physical with participants willingly entering into positions and hamming it all up in the name of a good time.

What do we wear?
We have a selection of wrestling singlets/leotards and shorts for you to borrow as well as knee pads to allow you the full wrestling experience. Our wrestlers can wear bikini, leotard, full wrestling singlet, lingerie, athletic apparel or anything specific with a little notice. Anything less than that is up to negotiation with the lady.

Can we get a referee to partake?
Yes! Our house referee Belle Star is always looking to gain more experience and often you may find she jumps in on the action too. We also have a bona fide WWE wrestling commentator and referee available for a fee of $100/ hour.

What about boxing?
We offer punching bag sessions (more commonly known as beat down sessions) which are training sessions for us using you as our punching bag. We have different sized gloves or no gloves at all. We do not offer KO sessions with new clients. Currently we do not have a lady on staff for full boxing sessions – where you legitimately fight back. If you are interested int his please let me know and I’ll continue my hunt for the right person. Not for the faint hearted!

Can I just watch a live match?
The answer is yes, in private its $500 per hour. We also have mixed wrestling parties and female v female parties ($200) where you can join in or just watch the others wrestling each other. FVF spectator events you can also book the ladies for a private after the show at $100 for 15 minutes negotiated.

What goes on at the mixed wrestling parties?
We have parties about 3 times a year. They are $100/ ticket and all our wrestlers are in attendance. We have plenty of regulars who aren’t shy to take to the mats and a lot of first timers popping their mixed wrestling cherries. We have food and drinks and its a great way to immerse yourself with your own kind. We occasionally have WWF themed events (our last one was a Wonder Woman theme) which is a good chance to play our your childhood fantasies!

What is the cost?
Prices are $350 per hour, $250 per half hour or $75 per hour for the use of the studio. Full submission wrestling is $400 per hour. Other extras negotiable with your wrestler.

Can I work at The Hurt Collective?
We are currently looking for larger women into wrestling, boxing, MMA and body building. Must be into fitness, be strong, tenacious and have a naughty streak. ITs not an easy job whipping men into submission!

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