Tahlia destroys and humiliates Mr D – with no hands!

Mr D had no chance. It was the second session after a long break and although Mr D had lost a few pounds since our last encounter I was determined to ANNIHILATE him. It was too easy. From standing he would go in with his head down – the biggest mistake a wrestler can make for if you cannot see you cannot defend. I snapped him down easily straight into a reverse facing backward head scissor. He tapped within seconds and lay panting on the floor. This was easy fodder. He was a lousy wrestler thats for sure. We scrambled back to our feet. He attempted to come in sideways and I flung his arm over my head to take his back. In one big swoop I had forced him to his hands and knees where I got behind and submitted him with a choke and body scissors at the same time. No mean feat to wrap my long legs around his massive body and still manage to squeeze him to submission. Next I wrestled him down with one hand behind my back, then with no hands at all. I was getting bored so after another easy school girl pin (using his face as a seat), I turned to face his feet and pulled his underpants up his crack, inflicting major pain and ripping them. I was enjoying myself so much that next takedown I pushed him face first into the ground for a back wedgie, this time completely ripping his underpants off until I had a leash about 2 meters long of this sweaty arse crusted fabric. WHen he was finally naked I stuffed it into his mouth and wrapped it around his head until he was gagged completely. I dragged him around the floor like a dog. The total annihilation wrestling lasted about 45 minutes before I school girl pinned him and for the last hurrah showered his face with my nectar. He rolled over a spent and broken man. I commanded he lick my mats clean – he did so not so much out of desire to serve me but as scared man too exhausted to object. In true ultimate surrender fashion I took him from the back.

wedgie_dave1 wedgie_dave ultimate_surrender_dave splits_flex sit_flex_dave pin_Flex_dave nohands headstomp grapevine good_throw gag_drag downward_dog buttkissing backfacing_pin


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